How to download the update file Not found when google drive or download the latest limited

For video below 1h: you follow the instructions shown below

For videos on 1h:

- First download google tool drive to follow this link  

- Install the software and log in using your nick google drive.

- Then you follow the instructions to step 5 is that it will automatically download to your computer for you.

Note that google will drive download entire files in your account and when download is complete copy computer files to another folder Fights to remove the file the next time down further.

Steps have been limited file download

Step 1: Change link download

Link download in the website often takes the form: 0By7-J8btgLM6anNESzJiRGhfXzQ

or uc? id = 0By7-J8btgLM6anNESzJiRGhfXzQ & export = download

First you change " uc? Id =" success"" delete row "& export = download" go

When that link will become 0By7-J8btgLM6anNESzJiRGhfXzQ

You load the page with the link above.

Step 2: Press the select the folder as shown in Figure

Step 3: Select the "Move to"

Step 4: Create one folder or select a folder and press movement available

Note: If the link is already in one folder that it already but you can not click on "Move", you justhold down ctrl rùi check on "My Drive", then click the button "Move"

Step 5: Select "My Drive" then choose the file has moved

Step 6: Right-click the selected file replication

Step 7: Right-click the downloaded copy selected   


Note: When the download is complete, then delete the file it already went down next to the next as each google account just saved up to 15GB.


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