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AKB48 sub-unit Tentoumu Chu! 「てんとうむ Chu!」is set to hit the air waves with a brand new variety show backed up by comedian Akiyuki Tsuchida.

The variety show  entitled "Tentoumu Chu! no Sekai o Muchuu ni Sasemasu Sengen" 「てんとうむChu!の世界をムチューにさせます宣言!」 will air every week and start on April 14th 2014. On April 8th, a reporter interviewed Tsuchida and Tentoumu Chu! at Tokyo, Nippon TV. The girls showed their enthusiasm. Mako Kojima as the member of Tentoumu Chu! said, "I hope to learn a lot from this variety show!".

The sub-unit which debuted at the AKB48 Sapporo Dome concert last year are a seven-girl unit comprised of; Mako Kojima (AKB48), Miki Nishino (AKB48), Nana Okada (AKB48), Ryoha Kitagawa (SKE48), Nagisa Shibuya (NMB48), Meru Tashima  (HKT48), and Mio Tomonaga  (HKT48).

In addition, they will also become the seiyuu of new anime entitled "Tentoumu Chu! Monogatari Mitsubachi Hachi" 「てんとうむChu!物語 みつばちハッチ」 which will start on April 28th 2014.

AKB48 Sub-Unit Tentoumu Chu! Gets New Variety Show (2)

Source: Natalie

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